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Jul 17, 2019

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With talent acquisition continuously changing and evolving, making sure your recruiters have the right skills is critical for employer hiring success. But what are the skills needed, what should recruiters be doing develop them, and how should their employers be supporting this process?


Jul 16, 2019

Buying effective HR and/or Talent Acquisition technology is extremely hard. Setting the right objectives, understanding analytics and knowing whether to go for an end to end solution or a combination of best of breed services are some just some of the issues to be faced.

My guest this week is Matt Burns from The Global...

Jul 9, 2019


The current gender balance in the tech workforce is a well-documented issue and something that sadly is still a massive problem for employers. Back in 2015, I interviewed Sinead Bunting about the then newly created Tech Talent Charter, an initiative designed to bring together industries and...

Jul 4, 2019


We've covered the topic of referral hiring a few times on the podcast before; however, it is definitely something to keep revisiting as many employers still aren't using referral hiring to its full potential.

My guest this week is Dakota Younger, Founder and CEO of referral based hiring...

Jun 24, 2019

As the debates about recruiting automation rumble on, it is easy sometimes to lose sight of the fact that automation isn't actually all about technology.

My guest this week is Brandon Batt, Director Of People Operations at Four Foods Group. Four Food Groups put recruiting automation in place a few years ago using some...