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May 29, 2018

A few episodes ago I published a fascinating interview with Rob McCargow of PwC about the broad-ranging implications of Artificial Intelligence. One of the areas we spoke about was the future of jobs and this is a topic I want to explore more fully in this week's show.

My guest this week is the perfect person to help me do this. Kevin Green is the founder of What's Next Consultancy and former CEO of The Recruitment and Employment Confederation in the UK. He is a highly influential thought leader on the future of jobs and the changing attitudes needed from governments and employers to deal with this future.

In the interview we discuss:

• How the jobs market has been changing in the last 20 years

• Why the natural bridge for career progression is broken

• The threatening development of a two-tier labour market

• The significance of automation

• Why educations systems are not fit for purpose

• The importance of collaborative hiring

• The future for recruiters

Kevin also talks about the most important things he learned during his 10-year tenure at the REC and gives us a preview of his latest project.

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