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Jun 8, 2018

Recruitment Marketing is changing fast, and one of the things I've noticed recently is the increasing number of employers adopting the principles of Inbound Marketing for their recruiting activity. However, I think the industry debate around this focuses too much on technology when its real focus should be on content.

Who better to demystify Inbound Marketing for recruiting than HubSpot, the company who first invented the phrase Inbound Marketing. My guest this week is HubSpot's Inbound Recruiting Manager, Hannah Fleishman.
Hannah brilliantly explains the concept of Inbound Recruiting and shares lots of practical advice which will benefit employers everywhere.

In the interview we discuss:

• What is Inbound Recruiting and how do you do it?

• How Recruitment Marketing is changing

• Different types of content for different parts of the Recruitment Marketing funnel

• Top of funnel brand awareness building

• Nurturing potential candidates based on where they get stuck in the funnel

• What formats are most effective

• The importance of having a content mindset

Hannah also gives advise on generating content when resources are limited and shares her view on the future of Recruitment Marketing.

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