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Jun 15, 2018

The pace of change in Talent Acquisition is speeding up. It's evident that those employers who can adapt the quickest will be the ones who get the best competitive advantage. But how do you drive fast change in a large corporation, especially one that operates globally?

My guest this week is Mike Brown, Vice President of Talent Acquisition for The Americas at Siemens. Siemens is implementing some new ways of thinking into their Talent Acquisition function which is allowing them to drive innovation, implement agile methodology and roll out a global ATS project in a very different way.

In the interview we discuss -

• The talent challenges that Siemens faces

• Siemens "TA Venture" initiative and how it is fostering collaborative global innovation

• What does Agile mean in Talent Acquisition

• Why Siemens are changing ATS and how they selected a new vendor

Mike also shares his advice to other employers on global ATS implementation and talks about what is next for Talent Acquisition at Siemens.

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