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Jun 21, 2018

Technology is changing everything. Although there is still much debate about the actual pace of change in talent acquisition, most people would agree that the change taking place is fundamental. A good way to sense check what is really happening is to explore how one of the companies who is architecting the AI revolution is changing its own approach to talent acquisition.

My guest this week is Kevin Blair, Global VP of Talent Acquisition at IBM. In our interview, Kevin shares insights into how IBM is transforming their talent acquisition by applying their own technology and he also talks about the agile approach they are using to make it happen.

In the interview we discuss:

• IBM's recruiting challenges in an ever more competitive market

• Competitive advantage via differentiated thinking

• Sourcing using skills and success profiles

• Helping candidates navigate opportunities using Watson AI as opposed to binary one directional searching

• Creating deeper engagement via technology in the onboarding process

• Agile talent acquisition methodologies and design thinking for co-creation

Kevin also shares his thoughts on the future role of recruiters in a world dominated by technology.

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