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Aug 23, 2018

One of my favourite things about living near Edinburgh is festival time in August. As well as the world famous Edinburgh Fringe, the city hosts many other festivals during the month including Turing Fest, a leading tech industry conference which I have enjoyed attending for the last couple years.

My guest this week is James Mayes, CEO of Mind The Product who was at Turing Fest this year delivering a presentation on Remote Working. I caught up with him in the expo hall after he came off stage, to find out more about a topic that is hugely relevant to the world of HR and Recruiting.

In the interview we discuss:

• Mind The Product and James' background in the recruiting industry

• What does remote working actually mean and how can it be inclusive?

• “Remote first” thinking

• How to run a conference call with remote workers

• Te importance of face to face contact

• Why a short office closure can build empathy

James also identifies companies with a successful remote working strategy and share some thoughts on Turing Fest itself.

James' presentation slides on SlideShare

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