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Dec 9, 2015

Matt Alder talks to Iain Wills from Powermeeter

Back in 2013 I researched and wrote a market report on video interviewing and I’ve been tracking the space every since. This year I’ve noticed video interviewing get some significant traction in a number of recruitment markets and I was keen to get an update from the front line.

My guest this week is Iain Wills the MD of Powermeeter, an emerging provider of video interviewing products.

In the interview we discuss:

    •    Where video interviewing is currently fitting into the recruitment process

    •    How the candidates are reacting

    •    The market fit for video interviewing

    •    Video interview as a potential solution to the technology problems in mobile   recruitment

    •    Video in recruitment at a more general level

Iain also tells us about the most unexpected thing he has learned about video interviewing since joining Powermeeter and gives us his thoughts on the future of the space

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