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Dec 16, 2015

In this episode Matt Alder talks to Dave Drury

I’ve recently returned from HR Tech Fest in Sydney and while I was in Australia I was planning on interviewing my good friend Dave Drury, a thought leader in Experience Design for HR. However Dave had other ideas and when I got to his office he decided that he wanted to interview me instead!

Our conversation covers a lot of ground and some of the topics we discuss include:

    •    The three revolutions we have seen during our careers in recruitment

    •    The talent centric future of the industry

    •    Key trends for the next five years

    •    The biggest problem with HR Technologies

I also talk about what I’ve learned from doing the podcast this year, who my favourite guests have been and give some hints about some exciting developments in 2016

Link to the Tech Recruiting Whitepaper I mention in the interview

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