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Sep 9, 2016

Changing established ways of thinking is difficult. Changing established ways of thinking about recruiting within large organizations can seem impossible.

However, with economies fluctuating, technology improving and people’s communication preferences developing, driving effective change is a key part of the job for every in house recruiting leader.

My guest this week is Samantha Ramsay, Head of Resourcing and Employer Brand for House of Fraser. Over the last two years Samantha has been systematically challenging assumptions, moving mindsets and embracing new technology to order to drive change within her organization.

In the interview we discuss:

    •    The difference between recruiting and resourcing

    •    How fundamental change creates massive impact

    •    Questioning standard practice in recruiting

    •    Why House of Fraser prioritise behaviours and traits over past experience

    •    Success with bespoke online assessment and video interviewing

Samantha also shares her view on the relationship between resourcing and marketing and how resourcing should now be positioned in a very different way

The podcast is kindly supported by Lever, where ATS meets CRM

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