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Sep 16, 2016

The balance between global consistency and local nuance in recruitment marketing is a difficult issue that provokes a lot of debate. It has become clear to me from working with a number of employers in this area that there are no right answers and every company needs a bespoke approach to be successful.

My guest this week is John McCall who oversees Talent Branding for Groupon in the EMEA region. Groupon has grown via acquisition in EMEA, creating a number of challenges for brand and marketing consistency.

In the interview we discuss:

    •    Groupon’s definition of Talent Branding and how they are positioning themselves as an employer of choice.

    •    Creating a core central truth with local variations

    •    Marketing effectively in multiple languages

    •    The role of mobile video and social engagement

    •    The importance of messaging consistency throughout the business

John also talks about what is next for Groupon and gives us his thoughts on the future of Talent Branding

This episode of the podcast is kindly supported by Lever, where ATS meets CRM

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